Hi there, It's Hawraa

If your life looks great on resume but you don’t enjoy your work, we need to talk!

I’m  an activist, freelancer, and certified coach practitioner, experienced in helping successful employees increase productivity at work and satisfaction in life. I have created this weird job for myself where I help my clients discover their purpose and celebrate fulfillment in life. 

I study successful people, research brain and behavior, and observe leaders to uncover the routines that make people better at what they do for a living.   

My mission is to answer this question: How can people become the best at their job and better in their lives?

My theory for success:  outsmart your brain and work smart 

How Mind Your Work Helps You Get Ahead in Life and Career

If you are ready to join hundreds of people who mind their work through education and training, you are in the right place.

Mind Your Work provides workshops and training for both your managers set up and manage workplace wellness programs and your employees learn about keeping themselves and their families healthy.

Personal Message from Hawraa

I believe in “life by design” and invite you to outsmart your brain and take control over your life.

Have a vision, believe in yourself, get started and get involved

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